Googlecalendar 1.0.0

Ruby api and Rails plugin for Google Calendar

Googlecalendar - get latest version: 1.0.0.

Googlecalendar – Rails Plugin


  • Plugin generator for Ruby On Rails
  • Allow to display google Calendar events in a Rails application.

Show don’t tell


[railsapp]>ruby script/plugin install -x


You need to install the CalendarHelperPlugin:

[railsapp]>ruby script/plugin install
[railsapp]/vendor/plugins/calendar_helper>rake rdoc
[railsapp]>ruby script/generate calendar_styles

For more informations about CalendarHelperPlugin


[railsapp]>ruby script/generate googlecalendar

Other usage

If you don’t like the CalendarHelperPlugin or the GoogleCalendarGenerator, you can still use the core library and recreate your own calendar display.

Just follow the Standalone library installation and add the plugin in your rails components ;)

require 'googlecalendar'